Autumnal Announcements

I went back to university, and in the first week they made me cost forcast a housing proposal.

This blog will be taking on a new use due to me recently being reacquainted with the world of university projects. I’ll be using it as a helpful platform for amalgamating my ideas/images into some-sort of coherent montage, to be fed back into my university work. So brace yourselves, ’cause I will soon be pontificating to you all about housing density, and flexible living.

A visual metaphor summing up what I’ve just said and in that sense is actually rather unnecessary. 

Also on the agenda is a project that me and a friend are going to attempt to put together. It will hopfeully result in a non virtual object—you know, the type that accumulates dust, and arrives in cardboard Amazon packages. Consider it a type of vigorous massage for a field that—at least in my opinion—has spent too long languishing in a supine state.

A visual teaser that is too esoteric to be understood by anymore than 5 people.

  1. amy said:

    If that top picture is potential university space…I want to go there. Balconies with umbrellas under which I can do my homework? Yes, please!

    • gmcotter said:

      Unfortunately not Amy, it’s actually an infill housing proposal. Although, it could make a nice little uni-pad with a few minor tweaks!

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