Cyclical City or Super-fast-non-stop-everlasting-birch-tree City

This comic/graphic story is about a small town that is constantly having to adapt itself in order to meet the new challenges thrown its way. It’s my homage to the impermanence of ad-hoc assemblages and vernacular oddities, with influence coming via Hayao Mayazaki and John Hejduk. The comic itself will be played out like an architectonic ouroboros – an eternally recurring city constantly devouring itself.

I had originally started this project with the intention of making a Christmas archi-comic for some younger relatives up in Australia  (get them while their young, the usual brainwashing tactics, etc). I failed to get it ready in time, so I started sticking some of the scenes up on the Tumblr. I then got bored with the Tumblr and its vicarious pleasures*; completely forgetting about the whole project. Now I have decided to finish what I started and will henceforth begin to try to complete this mini archi-comic.

So far I have only completed 2 stages, but once finished there will be 6 different stages, consisting of 24 carefully scribble images. I hope you enjoy consuming these graphic images!

*The prophetic Canadian guy with the clever mouth has somehow summed up Tumblr 50 years before it was even invented: Marshall Mcluhan – Narcissus as Narcosis

  1. This looks really charming!!!:) I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. That’s a lot of fine detailed work you’ve put in there.
    Many hours of dedication.
    Looks good.
    Did you draw it on A3 before reducing to this posted size, or was it all in the computer ?

  3. memsan said:

    man this is so awesome. hope i get to read it when it’s done :)

  4. The mark of a good story is one which leaves the reader wanting more. Clearly this is a good story. love the illustrations and the sparse words.

  5. misselenious said:

    Amazing, love the style you’ve captured here. There’s a whimsicality to the images and tone, yet I sense a humble and unassuming message that underlies the concept about how we have to be always creative in seeking how to adapt and evolve to the changing reality of the world around us. Thank you.

  6. andy said:

    Thank you for sharing ,i like nice post

  7. Interesting subject. I like the drawings, especially the variety in not only the roofs, but also the bridges.

  8. wooww!!! really very cool pictures..😀

  9. You’re off to a wonderful start. Nice color choices. I’d love to review this once you’re done.

  10. Love what you have so far. You are very good at drawing; loved the details you put in:).

  11. amy said:

    Just saw this show up on “Freshly Presed.” This is fantastic! I agree with teenagedisaster!

  12. wow i love this! i really like the cyclical theme, really interesting stuff. i think cyclicality or continuity is super inherent in our lives and we often overlook it so to have it drawn out so poignantly is really thought provoking. you draw beautifully! can’t wait to see what the rest turns out like. p.s: the townspeople are so cute

  13. kollshi17 said:

    thank you

  14. TJ said:

    Really awesome concept. My mind is racing like 1000 mph right now from the thought it provokes.

  15. Alyssa said:

    Aw…so cool! I love the story and the charming illustrations. Added this on pinterest because it’s worth sharing.😀

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  16. sheilarosebelmonte said:

    Amazing! Really really genius. Keep it up!

  17. Love the graphics and specially the fine irony!

  18. Beautiful! I love the style. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

  19. amy said:

    In light of all that has been happening here on the east coast with Sandy…I think that in the years to come, this will be less “story-art” and more “concept-art.”

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