As Christmas is traditionally a time for nostalgia and organisation -decorations, seating arrangements, food, etc- it seems appropriate to upload some recent sketchbooks to Flickr. Having overloaded dropbox in its first day of use, I have to rely on Flickr as a type of online storage for my various doodles.  It’s not private, so feel free to browse.


Keeping in the spirit of yuletide pre-planning, here’s a list of topics I plan to blog about in the new year:

∙ Something to do with the Southbank Centre

∙ Something about Cardiff Bay

∙ Something about trees and houses in comic form

∙ Something to do with the English countryside

∙ Something involving domestic design and polymer resin

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Prose & Politics   Upon entering the latest Richard Rogers exhibition, ‘Inside Out’ at the Royal Academy, London, you’ll find yourself entombed by large Day-Glo walls plastered with bold type. A chorus of political buzzwords radiate from these walls – ETHOS, CONSTITUTION, COLLABORATION, ETC – indicating the policies of the protagonists and his party. The prose teeters on …

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Over the last couple of months I’ve found myself perambulating around Cardiff’s Cathays district. This area consists of innumerable rows of densely packed Victorian terraced houses, sub-divided by a medley of roads. To bring it back to the beginning, these roads may have once been ‘streets’, acculturation zones for the local populace – a brick …

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Here’s a series of mat-building plans taken from my current sketchbook. They’re variations of one simple idea – the relationship between inside and outside. In fact, the idea is so simple and self-explanatory that I haven’t really got anything else to say. Bye!

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For the last couple of months I’ve been performing an elaborate juggling act working as a full-time architectural assistant, studying at university, and dealing with a certain Australasian competition. Having almost balanced these metaphorical juggling balls, I can finally start paying some attention to this blog again. So, here are some compensatory cartoons that may …

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I went back to university, and in the first week they made me cost forcast a housing proposal. This blog will be taking on a new use due to me recently being reacquainted with the world of university projects. I’ll be using it as a helpful platform for amalgamating my ideas/images into some-sort of coherent montage, to be …

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